Back-End Integration with Bulk Mail Services

Bulk mailing for marketing is not something your ERP system or CMS should be handling directly. There are a wide variety of bulk email services, but we’ve found MailChimp to be the most flexible of all. With simple APIs, we keep ERP and CMS databases locked down, while allowing MailChimp to handle the marketing.

Databound Kendo Forms (MVVM) using Kendo DataSource Object

While many prefer to utilize jQuery’s $.ajax features to pull data into a Kendo MVVM form, it is sometimes just as efficient to pull that data into the form using Kendo’s DataSource object. It is a bit difficult to debug, but the flexibility it offers when utilizing multiple data sources can sometimes make the initial difficulty worth the effort.

The primary benefit, I have found, is that the time-cost of a developer trying to figure out where you’ve brought data into the object is reduced if it is placed in a standardized structure. In this case, Kendo’s DataSource is much more clear than using jQuery to populate the observable object.

This article will detail how this is done and include a working sample.