Grid Data with Angular’s Kendo Directives

Kendo UI has some great tools, but Angular is simply much more powerful when dealing with web-based data-management systems. To leverage Kendo, Angular has created Kendo-Directives. Almost any Kendo object can be created and managed from Angular, thereby removing the dependancy on jQuery and enabling Angular to keep those objects in scope.

Usability enhancement with AngularJS, Kendo and JSON Filtering.

When designing data systems to be used by internal businesses, whether ERP or CRM systems, they have to be designed to be able to keep up with the fingers of professional data-entry people. These aren’t your standard internet folks who want to buy a widget on Amazon, these are people who will be putting in hundreds of orders a day. People who know every button and how many tabs it is until they need to hit the enter key and move on. Here is an example of a dropdown that can trigger a local filter of a JSON object which avoids us making a call-back to the server.

Why HIPPA doesn’t require any specific security or encryption

After what must have been an enormous amount of political pressure, the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) made a decision that health insurance companies are not required to encrypt the data stored on their servers. hipaa-complianceThe HIPAA ruling recommends using encryption if the health insurer believes it’s an appropriate measure to mitigate risk. But lacking a specific requirement essentially leaves it up to each company to decide how to protect its data.

Initially, our system developers were horrified by the implication. A bit of reasoning settled people down a bit.