Why HIPPA doesn’t require any specific security or encryption

After what must have been an enormous amount of political pressure, the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) made a decision that health insurance companies are not required to encrypt the data stored on their servers. hipaa-complianceThe HIPAA ruling recommends using encryption if the health insurer believes it’s an appropriate measure to mitigate risk. But lacking a specific requirement essentially leaves it up to each company to decide how to protect its data.

Initially, our system developers were horrified by the implication. A bit of reasoning settled people down a bit.

Kendo Context Menus

right click behavior can be customized to display any resultWhen developing online databases, it’s often frustrating to lose the right-click ability that a normal desktop system would have. Instead, the user is presented with a bunch of options that are unrelated to the system – or things you’d prefer them not to have at all! Kendo offers a Context Menu feature that simple and straightforward.       read more…